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Why You Should Think About Moving To Las Vegas!

Las Vegas is a party town where everyone lives in hotels and drinks all day. Wrong!

Why moving to Las Vegas might be a good idea? There are more than just hotels, drinking and gambling. Actually, those only live in a limited section of town. We have schools, parks, and tons of families.

Instead of living in an expensive, traffic filled random city, Las Vegas is an upbeat town that is centered around making Las Vegans happy.

Now it is not just Las Vegas. There are sections around the big city that offer quaint little get away's for a quiet life or just a little suburban escape.

1. Sun

If you are a sun lover then step right over! It is so sunny here people actually freak out when it rains. I can only compare it to maybe like a snow day? It's hard to describe but the Sun is never far away. You definitely won't get the cloud blues here!

2. Golf

If you love the leisurely sport of golf or just want to get started, Golf is everywhere! There are tons of golf courses and a nightlife place called Top Golf! You can take lessons and go out for a couple hours enjoying nature and trying not to get upset at a little white ball not going into a small little hole! Just watch out for our wild life (yes we have that too-- it's not just a barren dessert out there).

3. Swimming

Since we have all that sun, swimming is a huge past time! Have you ever wanted your own pool? We have a ton of them. From the time of April/May to about Late September Swim all you want. The pool stays nice and cool (around 80--let's not get crazy here)