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Maintain your home: what you can do to keep it stunning

Whether you are renting, selling, or staying in your current home, everyone wants to know how to keep it looking clean and updated. So what can you do?

Lets look at a few techniques to keep the white white and the dust away!

1. My favorite precaution before having to clean is taking shoes off at the door. It is an obvious one but you would be surprised how much dirt is tracked in by shoes. Especially living in a desert, the dust just follows you where ever you go!

2. You know how the corners of your room look darker than the rest of the carpet? Use a squeegee to take out the extra dirt and dog hair. When you are doing it, you kind of look ridiculous but it works so well!

On the carpet don't use any cleaner. Just dry squeegee it! You will have to use a bit of strength but don't go overboard. You don't want to pull the carpet up!

3. All that junk mail...your junk drawer? Throw it away! What do you really need and what are you actually using? This surprisingly is a great question for your entire house. Organizing is great but if you have 100 fabric boxes with stuff that you just can't throw away, you have to decide what are you using and what do you need? Have you touched in the last 6 months?

Not everyone can live the minimalist life style. I understand. However... think of all the space you will have if you throw away the 50 blankets that you have stacked in the corner.Half of them you don't even use because they're not soft.

4. Make light your new friend! I love light (except when it is 117 degrees and the sun feel like straight fire). Everything somehow look a little better with natural light. With a little dusting and light vacuum and the sunlight, all of a sudden your home looks happier. Psst...Windows are there for a reason!